Who am I?

My name is Fruzsi, I am 25 years old from Hungary, I always knew I want to travel the World, but never had a plan how. I always said to my mom „don’t worry, I’ll always figure it out”. I was an AuPair for 2 years in California which let me travel a TON!

Then I came to Norway in September 2021, started working at a dogsledding company which I left earlier than planned because of an inconvenient situation. I started searching for jobs and I ended up going to Finland to work at an igloo hotel, but just for temporarily. I sent out a lot of emails and posted on Facebook groups and a hungarian guy who lives and works in Norway contacted me on Facebook asking if I was interested in working in trades and I said HELL yes I’ve been dreaming about it since I lived in the States. I flew back to Norway from Finland but this time I went prettyy south comparing to how north I was before.

About the work

After Norway I came back home to Hungary, for 3-4 months, in this time I visited Madeira and Iceland, then I fly to New Zealand. I was there for a little more than 2 months, before flying home I reunited with my californian family and friends in San Francisco for 3 weeks, and now I’m back in Hungary.

One thought on “Who am I?

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