How I traveled to New Zealand

It’s a funny story to me because I did NOT expect to get the visa, I just applied for it on one of my bad days… But since I got it I couldn’t NOT live with the opportunity, right?

I started looking at flight tickets, jobs, opportunities, places to see, people to talk to… and it all just came together. There is this hungarian girl who lives in New Zealand and she helped a lot to me. I bought my flight tickets for actually quite expensive because it was 3 weeks prior my departure.

I did not have a job yet, but I did have my own car already way before traveling to NZ, and also my accommodation which is housesitting for a month. I feel quite lucky that these opportunities came to me, which makes everything super easy.

I contacted a lot of fruit and flower picking companies because I wanted a job asap, but they were quite relaxed since it’s summer break right now and there was also Christmas… So only 1 company replied but they wanted me to stay longer which i couldn’t. I kept looking until I found a phone number to a flower picking company so I called, I checked out the place the next day and started working the day after.

I worked there for 3 weeks then started my roadtrip to travel around both islands.
Here are my weekend trips that I took after work or at the weekends!

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