Norway construction


I always loved being around my dad at home when he was building or fixing stuff. Always been interested in cars, motors, woods, tools… Never thought about studying it though, because I always hated school. Right after graduating high school I went to the States for 2 years and that’s when I realized I do want this. I mean, not the school, but I kept meeting girls who work in trades and I looked up to them so bad I started thinking about how could I do this. Would a company hire me without skills and just teach me? Well, YES! I came to Norway in September to a dogsledding company which I left after 3 months and went to Finland temporarily until I found something else.

That something else was literally what I dreamt about. A guy who saw my facebook post in a group where I said I’m looking for a job, literally anything just so I can stay in Norway texted me on Messenger asking if I wanted to join. I didn’t think anything big of it, I even said I wanna try to stay in Finland for 1-2 more months and then maybe go back to Norway for 1-2 other months before I go back home to Hungary. Then he kept calling me saying Norway might close its borders because of Covid and I won’t be able to enter so I should go as soon as possible. So my original plan was to join this company in February because I had a contract for December in Finland but I ended up breaking up the contract and go to Norway on 20th December.

Oh now I should mention something about this company, right? It is a construction company where some people are painters, some are tilers some are carpenters. It is a half Hungarian half Norwegian company so all my colleagues are Hungarians.

When I arrived they were working on a big project on an island and I literally didn’t know anything how to do. It’s a hotel in Sandsøya with 14 rooms, and a big restaurant with bar.

yeah… forgot to mention that my bestie joined me!!!

In my first 2 month I was doing plasterboard work,

some isolation on the walls and ceiling.

Then learnt how to water isolate the bathrooms with membran.

After that as the hotel started to look better and all the walls were up, I learnt how to put down laminate parquet,

how to make casette ceiling

how to put these wooden decors on the wall,

and then the ceiling…. That was a little difficult because no one ever did this type and we had to figure out how this works and it’s 14 rooms, the corridor, above the reception and the restaurant. We worked on this one a lot but it was all worth it.

Then we headed outside and built a terrace:

Overall, here are the final pictures:

This was the first project I was working on, my colleagues thought me a lot I loved working on Rosenlund Hamn.

2021.12.20- 2022.05.