Los Angeles

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  • Length: 3 nights
  • Money spent: $349
  • flight ticket: $115
  • hostel: $80
  • food: $23
  • souvenirs: $55
  • transportation tickets: $76

My first trip in the United States + going solo

After a month being in the States I organized my own trip to Los Angeles. It was my first solo trip as well! 🙂 I spent 3 nights there, I was all alone✈️ and the plan was to visit all the tourist places. 🙂

I stayed in a hostel where I asked for a mixed dorm but I ended up staying with 9 boys in the same room. Luckily they were all solo travelers so it was quite and they did not even talk to each other. It is a good way to make friends though, but I wanted to visit the places alone to experience doing everything solo, doing everything my way and the way I planned everything 🙂

I was excited to go as it was my first trip but loads of people told me it was going to be disappointing. Oh well, they were right. I believe there are nice areas and suburban places that’s clean and nice but downtown was full of trash and homeless people unfortunately.

I visited:

  • Venice beach
  • Santa Monica
  • Rodeo Drive
  • Hollywood sign
  • Dolby Theatre
  • County Museum of Art
  • Beverly Hills
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame

This was my first time being in Ocean!!!

During the day I was just walking around, visiting places, I didn’t sit in anywhere, didn’t eat at restaurants, I tried Counter Burgers once for lunch that was awesome!!! But my way of traveling low budget is to eat cheap stuff from the grocery store just like bread with salami, nuts, bars and fruits.

On my first day I rushed to Beverly Hills to facetime me mom (9 hour time difference) because she loveeeeeees the movie Pretty Woman and you can see on my picture, that is the Hotel where that movie takes place !!!

I also took a bus to the Universal Studios where I just walked around the shops, I didn’t go in because I am not into movies, probably wouldn’t have even known what some those things are :’D But I enjoyed the free bus ride pretty much, slow ride on a sunny day through the palm trees, I loved it!

I loved Santa Monica and Venice beach- they’re pretty cool!🤙🏽🌊🛹🌴 It was full of young people skating around, playing basketball and skateboarding by the beach, all you can hear is the waves, the birds, the wind and the young people having fun, there is always some music on, and you can’t really find this vibe in Hungary and this positivity in hungarian people so it felt unbelievably amazing!!!

There was one day when I wanted to hike up to the Hollywood sign but I couldn’t find the trail for the first time and by the time I found where the people are actually walking, I was super far from that trail and I didn’t have time to go back and hike another 2 hours 😀 I ended up at the observatory and I that was fun as well!

you can see this is how far I was 😀

Overall, of course I loved my first trip in the States especially because I realized I love traveling alone. Everything turned out the way I wanted, I planned everything really good, I am an organized person when it comes to this, but I do spontaneous things as well!

I hope you enjoyed my story and/or I could help you decide what to do on your trip! You are always welcome to DM me on Instagram and I’m happy to answer any of your questions! Don’t forgeT to SUBSCRIBE

Safe travels! @FruMyLens

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