Banff, Canada

  • Length: 4 days
  • Money Spent: $870
  • flight ticket: $290
  • rental car: $175
  • airbnb: $60
  • I found $350 in my notes as „other” so I really have no idea what I spent that money on 😀 probably National Park and parking fees.
  • $60 extra for the winter tires

Here is my youtube video of the trip!

I have always dreamt about going to Banff. I unfortunately didn’t pick the right time. I was there at the end of October, and the weather wasn’t good enough to hike wherever you wanted because some of the trails closed down, and the water wasn’t cold enough to ice skate and wasn’t warm enough to go kayaking. But I still enjoyed spending 4 days with me myself and I in a beautiful city.

I flew to Calgary from San Francisco, rented a car at the airport and drove to my Airbnb. I went to Banff National Park but I didn’t read enough about it so I didn’t know you need a ticket to enter so I bought one for 3 days, I entered and watched a sunset. Went back to my place to rest because I wanted to wake up early to have as much time in Banff as I just could.

On my first day I visited Vermilion Lakes, Lake Minnewanka and Johnson Lake, hiked around and took tons of pictures 🙂 I love spending time alone, so I just made sure I concentrate on myself and connecting with nature.

Second day I went to Lake Louise for sunrise but it was too foggy to see anything so I just started walking around the lake and I realized it is different kind of blue from all sides and it was gorgeous!

After this I went to Johnson Canyon which I loved really much! I was a little scared because no one was hiking around me but I had a bear spray 😀 which -fun story- I tried. In case I have to use it I know how to… so I turned and just sprayed a little behind me and kept hiking. A minute later I feel that my nose, mouth and eyes are BURNING :’D oh well I didn’t count the wind in … But at least I knew it works… 😀

On my last day I did a little hike by Vermilion Lakes and went up to Upper Hot Springs to relax. 🙂

Overall I had a really exhausting and expensive trip 😀 I drove from Calgary to Banff every day and yeah a solo trip in Canada was expensive and it was my second time going solo, I wasn’t really experienced. But it was all worth it, those beautiful lakes were breathtaking and I hope next time I can visit Moraine Lake as well and kayak in the water when the weather is good and will visit Banff again in the wintertime to ice skate on the lakes!!!

I take my pictures with my iPhone 7 and my GoPro4. I usually find a spot to put it down and set a timer or ask a random person to take some 🙂 but that barely turns out to be good so I’d rather struggle a little trying to balance my phone on a branch 😀

I definitely suggest to look into details, trails, weather, money so surprises won’t get ya! 😀

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed the pictures, feel free to contact me if you are planning on going to Canada! Please leave a comment below if you liked the article or have any questions.

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