sleeping in the car in a parking lot at Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA

  • Weekend trip: 1 night
  • Money Spent: $200
  • Car rent: $150
  • Food and gas: $50

Hungarian girls roadtrippin in California and trying to fit all 3 of us in one car! haha
On the first day we drove from San Francisco to the national park and had our first stop at Bumpass Hell, the trail where you can get access to the largest hydrothermal area in the park. We just walk a little in on the boardwalk and were amused by the view.

REMINDER: TO ENTER A NATIONAL PARK IT’S USUALLY $30 or you have to have a National Park Annual Pass which is $80!!!

I’ve never been to any geothermal areas so it was a huge experience for all of us. We also saw hot springs like this!!!:

We kept walking a little bit then we turned around and went to a random spot where we started hiking. We didn’t want to go far away because we had no idea where we are going to sleep so we wanted to have enough time before it gets dark to find a good spot! So we just went to Kings Creek Falls:

You know what’s funny??? When you don’t have service for more than 24 hours and your moms are worried so you gotta stop during a hike when you realize you got service IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE! lol

Then we watched the sunset and found a parking lot that was empty so we got ready for the night!!! It was super tight for the 3 of us but we had so much fun! We woke up several times, A LOT OF TIMES ACTUALLY to warm up the car because we were freezing. BEST PART!!! –› I HAD TO PEE. And guess who is afraid of bears? ALL 3 OF US! never thought that just one pee can give us such an adrenaline rush.

To sleep in a car in California you have to google if that national/state park whether lets you do that or not, there are a lot of places where it is illegal!

The next day we hiked up to the top of LASSEN PEAK! It’s an ACTIVE VOLCANO, reaches an elevation of 10500 ft (3200m). We got to the top in 1 hr 30 minutes! It wasn’t easy all the way to the top! Hiked 4mi (6.5km) out & back!

My advice is to bring extra layers if you hike up to the peak because it got suuuuper cold and windy!

We took our time to enjoy the view and have lunch

I was really happy to be able to travel with 2 more Hungarian girls in California and we had an amazing time!

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Thank you, @FruMyLens

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