fun weekend trip to Joshua Tree and Sequioa National Park, CA, DAY 1

  • weekend trip: 2 nights
  • money spent: $300
  • Aribnb for 2 nights: $100
  • Turo rent: $100
  • Souvenirs, gas: $100

Day1: Joshua Tree National Park

DO YOU LOVE CACTUS??? I DO !!! Come laugh a little with us/at us!

It was the weekend with my friends Darcie and Reni that I still think about. We had sooo much fun, and I want to start off with this video!

First things first I booked an Airbnb for 2 nights in Corona. We drove down there on a Friday night after work from San Francisco. Our first stop on Saturday was Pioneer town which is a cute western town:

We took some photos and enjoyed the feeling then we headed to Joshua Tree National Park. We didn’t have any exact plan for hikes so we drove down the main road and stopped at parking lots to walk around a little.

Our favorite was Cholla Cactus Garden as you could see from the first video, we had soooo much fun there! My friend put 2 cactus balls on her shoes and it looked like tinkerbell :DD

It was really special to me, I love cactus and being in a cactus world was soooo beautiful!

Be really careful, my friend turned back without looking and it got stuck in her arm, it took a really long time to take it out because it was under her skin. And we even had to take the spikes out of the bottom of the shoes.x

This was our Saturday, and the next day we drove to Sequioa National Park and you can read about it here!!!

Day 2: Sequioa National Park, the giant trees!!!

Safe travels! @FruMyLens

Anything is appreciated, to keep me on the go! ☺️

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