fun weekend trip to Joshua Tree and Sequioa National Park, CA, Day 2

Day1: Joshua Tree National Park

Read about Day 1 before you start this 🙂

Day2: Sequioa National Park

We headed to Sequioa from Corona and the national park got some snow the night before and we went from 20 C to the -5C within 2 days, we had to have warm clothes with us. But the fun thing is that to get to the national park you need to get up a mountain with windy roads and since it was cold and snowy, we had to have tire chains on. Well it was a rented car, we didn’t have any so we wanted to rent one down before the NP. But while waiting in line to get one, one of the guys said it’s totally fine up there and you don’t have to have them on!! So we just jumped back in the car and headed up. We didn’t have a lot of time because we had to go back to San Francisco the same day.

So we didn’t hike at all, just walked around a little, I couldn’t wait to seeee some enormous treeees, we went down to the Tunnel Log where cars can drive through but the road was closed up in the beginning so we walked down and through the log in the snow it was reaaaally pretty!

Then we visited The General Sherman Tree is the world’s largest tree!!!

Enjoyed the view, the snow, hugged some giant trees then headed back home

Safe Travels @FruMyLens

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