• Length: 10 days November 11-22

Money spent: around $2450/ 2 person (900.000 HUF)

  • campervan for 10 days: $1250
    (500.000 HUF)
  • gas: around $400
  • food: grocery store+ restaurants $400
  • souvenir: I personally spent $400


TIKTOK: @FruMyLens

Iceland has been the best trip I have ever had so far in Europe! It’s magical and unbelievable. It’s full of waterfalls, beaches, mountains and northern lights! There is no day with boredom. (see more pics of the aurora at the bottom of the page)

0-1. day:

I flew from Hungary to Finland, spent the night at the airport then flew to Reykjavik the next morning. My friend got sick before the trip so he arrived 2 days later than we planned. So for 2 days I booked an Airbnb hostel for myself and discovered Reykjavik on foot.

2nd day:

My friend arrived from California, he picked up the rented campervan (see the description of the campervan at the bottom of the page) and we started our roadtrip!

  • The Geysir:
  • Gullfoss

  • Kerid Crater

3rd day:

  • Seljalandfoss & Skógafoss

  • Glacier climbing tour on Sólhemajökull

4th day:

  • Black Beach & Diamond Beach

5th day:

Glacier cave tour in Vatnajokull

6th day:

  • Studlafoss

7th day:

  • Hverir
  • Godafoss

8th day:

  • Grundarfjordur

9-10th day: Shopping in Reykjavik + Sky Lagoon

The campervan from cozycampers:


Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed the pictures, feel free to contact me if you are planning on going to Iceland! Please leave a comment below if you liked the article or have any questions.

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