The ultimate 11 days in Madeira


The Hawaii of Europe


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Length: 11 days, supposed to be 12
2022. June 20- July 2

I went to Madeira with my family including my grandparents, so it was 7 people altogether. Therefore we rented 2 cars and we stayed in a gorgeous hotel called Golden Residence in Funchal.

The view from the hotel:

But let’s go back to how it all started…

Day1: Not how we planned…

We missed our flight connection in the morning in London, luckily we got tickets for the next day afternoon so it was a little stressful spending 30 hours at the airport with my family and calling all the rentals and the hotel that we are arriving the next day.

Day2: Luckily we made it

We arrived late at night, picked up our rental cars, went to the hotel and got ready for the next day which waaaaas:

The dolphin-watch-tour!! Day3:

I booked a tour on GetYourGuide because this is something you can NOT miss! These tours take you out on the sea looking for dolphins and we got so lucky they appeared right in the beginning and just kept swimming with out boat!

This is something I 100% recommend!!!

Day4: a day with sissy

Everybody was exhausted from not being able to sleep at the airport and some even got sick from the AC so they wanted to rest at the hotel and by the beach, so my sister and I decided we wanted to go explore. We visited the Cabo Girao and the waterfall of Angels which we visited one more time with everybody later on!

It is the most beautiful and popular waterfall in Madeira, definitely pack your swimsuit and towels!!!

In the afternoon we went for a walk to Santa Carina park

Day5: off to a good start then a little hike

The day started with a gorgeous double rainbow above the water then continued with an adventurous hike. We ended up not completing the hike because it seemed dangerous and too steep so we went back up and hiked to a different direction a little bit.

Calheta- Ponta do Pargo

Day6: PORTO MONIZ- natural swimming pools!!!

Porto Moniz is a gorgeous place and a stunning drive from Funchal for sure!!

It’s a beach where the rocks made it look like it’s a pool, but you can swim in the sea!

Keep in mind, if there is a closed area, it’s closed for a reason!


Reply to @ypszi 🥲 no one got hurt!🙌🏼

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

ALSO!!! EVERY Saturday night there are fireworks in Funchal!

Day7: chillin’

Local beach, Cabo Girao and waterfall of Angels again with family!

Day8: the mysterious forest- Fanal Pond & botanical garden

According to locals there is always fog in that forest because of being high up in the mountains. It’s a very famous photoshoot spot.

checkout my tiktok video here

Day9: the famous hike in Ponta de Sao Lourenco


One of my favorites!!! What I suggest is to take the cable car up til the garden and use the toboggan ride on the way down!! It’s a very unique experience!

Day11: Pico do Ariero- Pico Ruivo

I did this hike by myself because my family wanted to have a relaxing day at the beach

Day12 last day: Levada do Alecrim

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed the pictures, feel free to contact me if you are planning on going to Madeira! Please leave a comment below if you liked the article or have any questions.

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