Au Pair program

Being an AuPair in California with Cultural Care, was the best experience ever

I signed up to the program in the beginning of last year of high school, when everybody else was thinking about going to uni. I ended up staying in California for 2 years, I have a beautiful second family whom I miss every single day. I visited 11 states, Canada and Mexico as well, I made life-long friends from all over the World and unforgettable memories.

are you ready to be an AuPair and live your dreams in the States??? Register here!!!

what you need for the program

  • be between 18-27
  • high school diploma
  • drivers licence
  • 200 hrs of experience with kids
  • basic knowledge of English
  • $1700/ €1400
in Hungarian
in English

First, you can find a lot of videos of me explaining a lot of things about the program on TikTok!!!

You can email them that you are interested in the program and they will call you within 2 days and will explain you everything. If you sign up, you need to fill out a lot of informations about you on your online profile, your hobbies, your life, your studies, your relationship with kids, need to attach pictures and take a video of you introducing yourself.📃🎥

You’ll need to have an interview where they test your English (basic knowledge is enough).

Once they accept all your informations and your profile is completed, you get in the so called ‘matching process’ where you can not see the families, they see you! You get an email if a family is interested in you and then you see their profile. EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM. Pictures, schedule, about the kids, parents, their lifestyle, hobbies. And then you SHOULD give them a chance to talk to them even if first you think it wouldn’t be a good match. Because you can never know!! After you talked to them you could decide if you like them or not. Don’t be afraid to say no, just be polite. There are tons of families and they are all different! Wait until you find your perfect match!🤞🏼

You have to arrange a visa appointment and you have to pay for that.

Once you found your family, you just wait until the program books your flight tickets (for the day YOU CHOSE) and YOU ARE GOOD TO GO.

The program itself is for one year but you will have the opportunity to extend 6,9 or 12 months. You will also have to collect 6 credits while you are in the US. Which means you’ll have study opportunities too, you can find a class you like or just sign up for AuPair weekend classes that are only for AuPairs and you can have your 6 credits in 2 weekends. For this, the family helps you with $500.

After the really end of your year, you will get a month, a so called ‘travel month’ where you are not working for the family anymore, you can travel within the US, or you can choose to go home.✈️🌍

Most frequently asked questions:


Making friends


My relationship with the family

What if I don’t like the family- REMATCH

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