Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii

Christmas vocation on an island!

  • Lenght: 9 days
  • Money spent/person: $430 minimum
  • Flight Ticket: $270
  • Hostel: $60
  • Food: $50
  • Souvenir: $50

woohoooo! Hawaii is something else!! It’s magical!

I loved Maui, I woke up to the sound of rain🌧 every morning and seeing rainbows🌈 every day is amazing! Oh, not talking about the sunset! ⛅️ People LOOOVE sunsets there. I remember being at a beach and when the sun set, everybody stood up to watch it and after it disappeared everybody cheered and ‘woohoo’ -d 🙌🏽 It was incredible!

We stayed 9 days in a hostel called Aloha Surf Hostel and they offered free tours so we always attended them.

DAY1: Road to Hana (Waiʻānapanapa State Park)

No trip to Maui is complete without a road trip to Hana. This road has 617 turns and 56 one lane bridges. We made stops at the black and red sand beaches and at Wailua Falls.

Black Sand Beach:

DAY2: Lahaina

We went to Kaanapali beach to snorkel and this was our first time swimming with turtles!!! I promise you’ll always see some turtles along the way!!!

I really recommend you to spend some time in Lahaina, shopping&eating. We choose Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.!!!

DAY3: Waihe’e Ridge

We had a tiring long hike up to Waihe’e Ridge where the view was beautiful! The 5 mile total, 1745 ft elevation climb worth every step for the stunning view!🥾⛰

DAY4: Makena Beach

Do you want to experience some good hawaiian vibe?? Drum circles & fire dancers?? Then Makena Beach is for you!!! Be prepared, it’s a nude beach!

DAY5: Bamboo Forest

On this day we skipped the hostel tour and my friend and I met some amazing people from Germany and England and we did a little day trip with them and went on a hike in a bamboo forest! After that we relaxed on our local beach in Paia.

DAY6: Snorkeling again! Mokapu Beach

This is something you can never have enough, go snorkeling if you want to see some wonderful sea turtles. No previous snorkeling experience needed but you have to be able to swim!

DAY7: Went back to Lahaina with our new friends and had a relaxing day!

I recommend you trying some local fruits and banana bread! You will find a lot of people selling them everywhere!

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